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Hi!! I’m Shari and it’s fantastic to meet you!

Simply put, I’m a normal, everyday, part-time-working Mum with with a big love of assisting others. I’m especially skilled in helping parents of teens.

I’ll never pretend to have the perfect family, or all the answers, and I’m not a self-declared guru. I’ve been married, divorced, then re-partnered and I work hard to ensure I learn from my mistakes. I have 3 super children (1 prep-aged girl, 2 teen boys), a wonderful partner and a pretty awesome life.

For over 25 years now I’ve been working with adolescents.

I began as a teacher of high school English and Mathematics. Over time, I’ve followed my passion for supporting the social development of teens … and working with families has played a big part in this. My job title has been “Behaviour Support Consultant”, but sometimes I forget to wear my badge and who likes labels anyway? Added to this, friends and acquaintances (yes sometimes strangers on the train too) often ask my advice on family, parenting and the meaning of life. I’m sure they don’t think I’ve got a Psychology PHD … not by any means … but they’ll me I’m sensible with level headed ideas. I think that’s a nice acknowledgement.


Helping parents of teens is the Teenage Survival Coach mission!

My greatest professional satisfaction comes from working with young people and their families to repair strained relationships. Of course being a Mum of 2 teen lads means I certainly appreciate the issues impacting upon adolescents and families today. I get it … because I live it too.

Currently I’m a registered, practicing teacher working with at-risk adolescents in a secondary school. I’m also a trained mediator and certified life coach … but it’s the ups-and-downs of living which has given me the biggest education.

What I bring to the table…

While I don’t want to big-note myself and claim status as a “parenting expert”,  I think you should be reassured I’ve got the credentials to be helping parents of teens:

  • 25 years of hands-on experience working with adolescents and families in a range of school settings
  • Professional development and training in supporting and working with teenagers, families and their teachers. Topics have included Mental Health First Aid, Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training and Youth Justice Resolution Facilitation.
  • Tertiary recognised qualifications and current registration as a practicing teacher with Education Queensland
  • Ongoing research, reading and immersion in adolescent culture and families to support and enhance my understanding of parenting concepts and teenage behaviours
  • Publication of articles related to the parenting of teens across a number of online authority sites
  • Initiation and facilitation of parenting support programs which are successful and ongoing
  • A proven track record working with parents and adolescents in many varied situations

Helping parents of teens is my passion and I’m good at…

  • listening to concerns and frustrations without judging people. I understand what gets said, but also hear what isn’t … and often this is just as important
  • sharing information and resources with people – firstly to increase understanding and then streamline actions
  • helping people plan a pathway to something better, prioritise the steps and then move forward
  • understanding the culture of modern teens (ie what’s normal, what’s not) and recognising ways to support parents when the going gets tough

I love working with …

Families who are genuinely committed to improving communication and relationships. Parents who are willing to listen, learn and apply new strategies and techniques. I love working with families willing to invest in their future well-being.

I haven’t got time to work with …

Families not prepared to go the hard-yards. Parents who make excuse after excuse for their teen’s behaviour but refuse to take a stand. My offerings and services are reserved for families ready to take action.

Ultimately, I hope Teenage Survival Coach becomes a go-to place for all of the support and assistance you need to navigate your way through the jungle that is parenting a modern adolescent. There’ll be no text-book jargon here, just sound guidance and advice from someone who’s been there, done that, and keeps it real!

Are you ready to get into it?

There are a number of ways I can support you

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