An 8 week online program for staying sane while parenting a teenager!

This 8 week email program has been designed as a simple, go-to framework for guiding you through the murky waters of their adolescence.

Once purchasing the program, you’ll get access to the introductory course and an invitation to join¬†closed Facebook group. In this group is the opportunity to meet and talk with others because parenting a teen should not be an unbearably hard battle fought on your own.

The materials are housed on site here in the members’ area plus you’ll also get a weekly email with a summary of that week’s content and a link to right back here to the protected content.

I’ve kept it bullshit-free, avoiding the mumbo-jumbo and psychobabble, because let’s face facts… you’re busy and you’ve got more than enough on your plate!

And so, for only $39 for the entire 8 week program AND the private group it’s more than worth a shot to regain more harmony in your household, don’t you think?

Specifically, you’ll be coached through…

WEEK 1: overview and getting ready

WEEK 2: C is for Consistency

WEEK 3: R is for Respect

WEEK 4: A is for Accountability

WEEK 5: S is for Safety

WEEK 6: H is for Humour

WEEK 7: CRASH in action

WEEK 8: CRASH checklist

WEEK 9: CRASH bonus

Are you in? Awesome, purchase below to sign up and I’ll see you inside!




CRASH Parenting a Teen