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An 8 week online program for staying sane while parenting a teenager!

This 8 week email program has been written as a simple, go-to framework for guiding you through the murky waters of their adolescence. You won’t be told what to do… or how to do it, but given an outline of how you can make parenting your teen easier for your household.

You’ll get access to the introductory material straight away PLUS an invitation to join the Parenting Teens Chat – closed Facebook Group (if you’re not already in there!). Membership in this group is your opportunity to meet and talk with others because parenting a teen should not be an unbearably hard battle fought on your own.

The materials for the course are housed on site here in the members’ area and you’ll also get a weekly email with information relevant to that week’s topic and a link to right back here to the protected content on the website.

It’s all bite-sized, thought provoking and actionable yet completely bullshit-free, avoiding any psychobabble, because let’s face facts… you’re busy and you’ve got more than enough on your plate!

And so, for only $39 for the entire 8 week program it’s more than worth a shot to regain more harmony in your household, don’t you think? Truth is, it’s less than most weekly take-away coffee or wine budgets and there’s no kilojoules involved. Win-ning!

Specifically though this is what you’ll get via email the member’s area and downloadble worksheets…

WEEK 1: An overview and getting ready for the program

and then working your way through

WEEK 2: C is for Consistency

  • why teens crave consistency
  • what are your big things to be consistent about
  • how to implement consistency (and steps to regain it if it’s been too hard)

WEEK 3: R is for Respect

  • the many types of respect a teen needs to learn about and practise
  • setting expectations around respect
  • promoting and modelling respect

WEEK 4: A is for Accountability

  • the importance of holding teens accountable
  • the concept of responsibility and how it can be applied
  • the dangers of them not learning accountability

WEEK 5: S is for Safety

  • why teens are risk-takers
  • the more common risky situations teens find themselves in
  • developing a negotiated safety plan

WEEK 6: H is for Humour

  • how keeping your humour is necessary to get through these years
  • the sorts of issues that can be kept light hearted
  • learning to look beyond the here and now

WEEK 7: CRASH in action

  • applying the framework to some ‘real life’ scenarios
  • looking at how the CRASH framework can be used to guide you in your situation

WEEK 8: CRASH checklist

A printable cheatsheet with prompting questions to walk you through the framework.


SO… Are you in?

Awesome, purchase below to sign up and I’ll see you inside!




CRASH Parenting a Teen